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These slow-infused herbal oils are hand-made with love, from ethically wild-crafted fresh plants and organic oils. They are 1 ounce each, at $10 for one, $18 for two, and $25 for three. Please write me a note in your order, to let me know which oil(s) you want.

In person, I sell each ounce at a sliding scale of $8 to $15, and am happy to formulate a specific blend for you. The price may fluctuate, depending on the inclusion of which oils, essential oils, etc.

Note: Infused oils are plants soaked in oil. They are not essential oils, which are the concentrated volatile constituents of the plant. Infused oils (these oils) are safe enough to use topically. You can mix and match different scents or properties, or add some beeswax and make some salve of your own.

Oils are based on availability, and my current location. The pictured oils may or may not be available.

Currently in stock (March 2018):

--- White Sage Oil ---
Anti-inflammatory, disinfectant: another useful first aid oil, safe for surface wounds, such as scratches, bruises, cuts, etc. A sanctifying and cleansing plant traditionally used for ceremonies, it's also lovely dabbed on sparingly, as a ceremonial perfume or anointing oil.
(Salvia apiana leaves, infused in extra virgin Olive oil)

--- Chaparral Oil ---
Yet another useful first aid oil, useful for strong anti-septic, and mild anti-inflammatory uses. For internal and/or external usage. Effective also as a pre-sun skin protectant, after-sun skin care, and for cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc. The aroma of the desert after a rain, this oil is also lovely as a decadent massage or perfume oil.
(Larrea tridentata leaves, infused in extra virgin Olive oil, and grapeseed oil)

--- Rosemary Oil ---
It's delicious added into salads or other foods. Also helpful topically as a circulatory stimulating, anti-inflammatory oil for cold extremities, arthritis, and other cold boggy type conditions. May be rubbed into the scalp after showering, as an excellent energizing hair oil.
(Rosmarinus officinalis leaves, infused in extra virgin Olive oil)

Currently out of stock:

--- Saint Johnswort Oil ---
(not pictured)
My favorite oil for skin repair, scar repair, and smoothing out wrinkles. The flowers smell like sunshine and feel like joy. This oil is lovely for daily use, or for after-sun skin-care.
(Hypericum perforatum flowers, infused in extra virgin Olive oil)

--- Camphor Weed Oil ---
This is the southern Arizona version of Arnica: an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that lends a slightly tingly sensation that is at once cooling and warming, helping relax aches, pains, strains, and sore muscles, tissues, ligaments, etc. If not Arnica, then add this to your herbal first-aid kit!
(Heterotheca subaxilaris flowers, infused in extra virgin Jojoba oil)

--- Arnica Oil ---
This is a wonderful anti-inflammatory oil, especially for acute inflammation. Helpful for aches, pains, strains, and general soreness. For topical use only. A must for the herbal first-aid kit.
(Arnica montana flowers, infused in extra virgin Olive oil)


(Note: None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.)